001 – Garden of Dreams (Part II)

001 – Garden of Dreams

Location – Spokane Valley, Washington

Date – Thursday the 8th of September, 2016

Part II – Late Morning


During homeroom, a lot of students put their hands up to ask questions regarding assignments and homework and Kirein would approach them, help them and move onto the next student. When Kirein reaches his seat again, three nice looking girls begin asking him personal questions.

“Hey, Kirein,” the brunette girl asks while trying to be as cute as possible “how old are you?”

“That’s not the kind of question you should be asking substitute teachers,” Kirein smiles “but I guess I’d be asking similar questions if someone who looked my age walked into a classroom claiming to be a teacher, I’m twenty-three if you must know”.

“Then you must be crazy smart!” the blonde says beaming “when did you graduate from high school?”

“When I was fifteen” Kirein replies, smiling nervously.

“Wow,” the red head responds “One last question, do you have a girlfriend? If not, you and I should give it a go since we’re both red heads,” the red head giggles and winks at Kirein.

“Hey, no fair”, the blonde complains “I wanted to say that”.

“Your blonde is really showing bitch,” the red head retorts “you can’t say that, you don’t have red hair, and it’s ‘not fair’, not, ‘no fair’. Did you even learn first grade grammar slut?”

“Please don’t use that language to insult one another,” Kirein sternly asks “you can at least refrain from doing it during class time, especially in front of a teacher”.

The girls apologize.

“I unfortunately have to turn down your offer,” Kirein continues “not only are you still in high school but this isn’t actually my natural hair colour, and I’m also engaged”.

The bell rings just as Kirein finishes his conversation with the girls. He recites some of the important notices for the day as everyone scrambles out of the classroom. Once everyone leaves, one boy whom Kirein helped earlier approaches him at his desk. The boy is gangly looking with glasses and freckles. He apologizes for the girls’ behaviour. He felt responsible because he was the class’ student council member.

Kirein reassures him that he has dealt with similar girls before, when he attended high school. Kirein continues and says to the boy that he is an attractive young man who should have a little more confidence in himself.

The boy looks a bit confused but he thanks Kirein regardless and start to leave the room.

“I don’t think that brunette would turn you down if you were to ask her out,” Kirein says to the boy as he steps into the hallway.

The boy turns around and looks at Kirein with a surprised expression on his face.

“How did you know?” the boy questions.

“You were as yellow as a lemon when she was talking to me earlier,” Kirein smiles “When you ask her out, bring her a bouquet of Daffodils and she’s bound to say yes”.

The boy gave a quizzical look at the phrase but he begins to smile. He runs up to Kirein and gives him a hug before thanking him and running of to his next class. Kirein smiles.

All in a day’s work.

After the hallway’s traffic dies down, Kirein packs up his briefcase and leaves the classroom. The hallway is deserted. The only signs of life are the freshly dropped handouts and the soft squeaks of an open school locker, slowly swinging with the gusts of the September winds that are flying through the open doors. He walks towards the open locker and closes it and continues down the hallways to find his way the main exit of the school building. Just before he steps outside, a strong gust of wind hits him, causing Kirein to turn around to avoid getting any dust in his eyes. As he opens his eyes, Kirein notices that someone is following him.

His follower is a small and slender brunette girl with short brown hair and a brown leather jacket to match. It was Hannah Hummings from homeroom.

“Miss Hummings wasn’t it?,” Kirein asks. “You’re already late for your next class, you should hurry”.

“Missing a class or two today shouldn’t matter,” Hannah states. “I’m dropping out and I won’t be coming tomorrow. I’ve handed in my resignation slip, signed and everything straight after homeroom”.

“So, is there something you want from me?,” Kirein asks. “I’m on my way to breakfast and I’m rather hungry”.

“What I want… is to end you!” Hannah yells.

Hannah sprints at Kirein and plants her right foot inches away from his, twists, and executes a high, spinning kick aimed at Kirein’s head. As her heel draws closer, Kirein quickly raises his left arm and brings his brief case with it, blocking the high kick using the case as a guard.

With his right hand, Kirein reaches forward to grab Hannah by her jacket’s collar. He succeeds and pulls down fast and hard. Hannah loses her balance and begins to fall face first onto the hard tiled flooring. Just before Hannah face-plants, Kirein quickly grabs the back of her jacket and pushes her down gently but firmly.

Kirein continues his detainment as he grabs Hannah’s hands and brings them around, pushing them into her back as if he were cuffing her.

“Ow ow ow,” Hannah cries in pain. “No real teacher I’ve seen can move back like that”

“That was stupid,” Kirein attacks. “If you were anyone else, I would break your arm”.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Hannah questions, struggling to break free.

Kirein moves closer to Hannah’s ear. “I’m going to put you to sleep and make you forget this happened”.

“Wait, What?” Hannah squirms.

Swefe nu!” Kirein whispers.

Hannah blacks out and falls into a deep sleep, Kirein releases his grasp on the little girl and stands up, her hands automatically move back by her sides.

Out of the corner of his eye, Kirein spots a boy standing and watching him. The boy is in a fighting stance, preparing to defend himself.

Xiuhcoatl: The Turquoise Serpent

Electricity begins to envelope Kirein’s right forearm, it sounds and lights up like a cackling Taser. He begins to walk towards the boy, wearing a cold, blank expression. The boy in front of him looks similar to someone he has met before.

“Gonurfam talgondon gisggonurpa medgal gisg pamedurmals gisggraphurmedvehna!” Emory yells.

Kirein stops and takes a closer look at Emory.

“Kephgonkephmedal?” Kirein questions as he stares down Emory.

“Medund… Medundourmed… Kephgonkephmedal” Emory replies hesitantly.

Kirein puts his arm to rest by his side and the electricity begins to fade. He turns around and walks back to Hannah.

“I’m surprised,” Kirein says as he rolls Hannah onto her back and picks her up in his arms “despite being what you are, you’re not in some hospital, brain-dead and gazing at a wall with drool hanging off your lips”.

Kirein walks towards Emory, Emory avoids his gaze and looks down at the floor to the right of him, his face looking a bit depressed and his eyes a bit faded.

“You feel like you’re devoid of memories from the past, don’t you?” Kirein looks down at Emory.

“I’m the same as her,” Emory forces a smile, looking at Hannah’s face “I’m missing about five years as well”.

“You’re not missing any” Kirein states.

“Huh, I’m not?” Emory asks with a confused expression.

“Well, most people can’t remember too much from before they’re five anyway,” Kirein smiles as he walks in the direction of the nurses’ office “besides, those memories you’re missing, aren’t really yours to begin with”.

Kirein walks in silence, with Emory trailing about three-feet behind him. The two reach the nurses’ office and Emory swiftly jogs over to one of the empty beds and peals back the tucked-in quilt and sheets. Kirein gently places Hannah on the bed, unties her shoes and places them neatly up against the foot of the bed.

Kirein explains to the school nurse on duty that Hannah had wanted to approach him during homeroom but he had been swamped by the other students’ questions for the duration of class. Hannah ran after him afterwards but tripped over herself in the hallway and knocked herself out when she hit the floor, which was why she had a slight bruise on the left of her forehead. Emory had witnessed what happened when he was running late for class and was concerned for his friend.

The nurse agrees and explains that despite what Kirein explained had happened, Hannah’s injuries weren’t as severe as they could have been and when she wakes up, Hannah will be able to resume her lessons for the day. A sigh of relief came from Kirein and Emory.

Kirein escorts Emory to his next classroom and Emory asks him a question in a rather serious tone.

“You’re the experienced hunter that Hannah is supposed to partner up with instead of her father tomorrow, aren’t you?” Emory asks, staring intensely up at Kirein.

“I am” Kirein states, without looking at Emory. “I was actually heading over to Charles’ place, when Hannah came and charged at me”.

“How do you know Charles?” Emory questions Kirein with wide eyes.

“Charles and my father are friends” Kirein states, breathing out.

“Wow, strange that Hannah doesn’t know you” Emory states.

“It’s not too strange,” Kirein responds “Charles is retired from hunting, mainly so he can look after Hannah and I’ve been training and studying to be a hunter since I was three, and for the last five year, I’ve been going from state to state working. I haven’t really had the time to visit.”

“Have you been hunting by yourself for that long?” Emory asks.

“No that’s crazy, no one could do it by themselves. Every once in a while you can end up needing to do a job yourself, but you certainly can’t do them all,” Kirein explains “Before this, I was travelling with a guy who’s like a brother to me”.

“Okay, last few questions. The things I really want to know are; did you really take down two dragons single handedly? And are you actually qualified to teach in a high school or is that fake” Emory interrogates Kirein.

“Yes but it’s complicated and yes, I have the qualifications to teach” Kirein replies, stopping at the door to Emory’s next class. “What is your final question and how is it you can speak reasonably well in Enochian?”

“Charles has some books on it in his study that I’ve borrowed from time to time and even has a translation dictionary, but when I shouted before, it was like on instinct” Emory answers “and have you met Hannah before?, and don’t lie”.

Kirein answers Emory and he smiles as he enters his next class. Kirein walks off to continue his venture to Charles’ house.


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