001 – Garden of Dreams (Part III)

001 – Garden of Dreams

Location – Spokane Valley, Washington

Date – Thursday the 8th of September, 2016

Part III – Late Morning


Charles shuffles through the fake I.D. cards while Kirein cuts into the bacon on his plate.

“Bell, Stacey, Jane, Mary, Jo, Lisa, Monica, Erica, Rita, Tina, another Mary and Jessica,” Charles recites “I’m surprised there’s no Sandra?”

“Sandra’s already taken,” Kirein says with his mouth full of egg and bacon bits “I’m surprised you got that reference”.

“Please, I’m not so old that won’t realize that,” Charles leans back in his chair and crosses his arms “Hannah became obsessed with Katie White when that song came out and I enjoyed Bega’s songs once upon a time, but he hasn’t released anything for two maybe three years”.

“Well I wouldn’t really know,” Kirein says after placing down his knife and fork parallel to one another “I only found out that that is what their names are when I looked up the lyrics online”.

Charles slides the cards back to Kirein across the kitchen table.

“I’m assuming you have copies of those I.D.s in the form of F.B.I. and Homeland Security laminates and badges, et cetera?” Charles asks.

“Yep” Kirein responds as his gets up to put his empty plate in the sink. “Charlene’s pretty amazing for being able to produce these to such a high quality, don’t you think? She’s even hacked into the agencies official files and made it look like we legally work for the government”.

“That is pretty impressive. She’s always been a wiz at computers,” Charles laughs “but don’t you think that’s a bit risky putting your picture in the system?”

“I thought so to and even panicked after she told me what she had done,” Kirein sits back down and folds his arms “but she made it so most employees who ever check database can’t see our pictures, and instead they get a ‘Top Secret’ message or something. They can see a portion of our info, but they don’t have a high enough security clearance to see everything. Charlene has done this for everyone; Bianca, Seth, Maver, Seri, myself and now Hannah. She even did it for Karen of all people”.

“How is Karen by the way?” Charles pries.

“I saw her just before I came here. She’s doing alright for someone so young in a wheelchair” Kirein looks down, fiddling with his thumbs.

“The last thing you told me about her was that you thought you had found a way to get her walking and taking down criminals again” Charles states.

“I do have a way,” Kirein says, looking a bit depressed “Someone I’ve met before should be able to fix her but he’s not answering my prayers”.

“You’re prayers huh,” Charles looks at a crack in the ceiling “I would have thought I would remember if you had told me you met God”.

“It’s not God but it’s someone who can perform similar miracles” Kirein corrects Charles. “I made a pretty interesting discovery today that could probably help in reaching the one I’m after”.

“Okay, so, how’s the rest of the family?” Charles continues.

“Dad’s fine, still the same master of intimidation. Mom’s living pretty peacefully at the moment, she’s sleeping a lot and teaching Jesse with our special huntress. I haven’t seen Bianca and I don’t think I will for a while, she started hunting less than a year ago. Chucky is still the same computer wizard like you said and she still dominates me in video games and my aunts and uncles are still diligently fulfilling their roles at the estate and beyond”.

“What about those strays of yours?” Charles continues.

“I didn’t actually get to see the girls unfortunately,” Kirein looks upset. “The older three aren’t home right now”.

“That’s too bad I guess, what about the younger three?” Charles pries.

“They’re starting their junior year,” Kirein states. “Even though it’s only the start, they’ve already begun panicking. They all kind of jumped down my throat a bit as soon as I tried to spend time with them. Even Lilian of all people joined in, though, I must say it was pretty funny watching her try to be annoyed or angry with me”.

“I bet” Charles responds.

“Hey, do you mind if I see Hannah’s room” Kirein asks.

“Sure, it’s the loft, just climb the ladder upstairs, but make sure to not move anything or Hannah will tear me a new one when she comes home” Charles fears.

Kirein makes his way up to Hannah’s loft. He grabs her suitcase and begins rifling through her drawers to pack the essential. His face grows red as he packs her undergarments. After finishing and neatly folding Hannah’s clothes, besides her undergarments, Kirein heads back down stairs and finds Charles in the study, reading a book at his desk.

“I don’t think reading that will help you now” Kirein says as he looks over Charles’ shoulder.

“You know your mother gave me this book just in case I needed it, but honestly it’s hardly helped at all” Charles sighs.

“That’s good though, the fact that you haven’t needed to refer to it,” Kirein says as he walks into the kitchen “it means that everything’s working as it should be”.

“I guess so” Charles replies, stroking his thick beard. “What are you gonna do now?”

“I’m going to head over to All American Arms,” Kirein smiles as he comes back into the study “I’m going to pick up Hannah’s birthday present.

“Watcha gonna get her?” Charles asks grinning.

“I was originally thinking of getting her a Taurus 99, or maybe a Beretta 92 but just now I thought about a QSZ 92 or a Glock 32, since they came into service the same year she was born, although I doubt I’d be able to find any kind of QSZ model anywhere in the states unless I buy it from someone’s private collection” Kirein explains in excitement.

“Whatever shoots best,” Charles sighs “I don’t think you need to put too much thought into her first firearm, I doubt she will”.

“Maybe you’re right,” Kirein depresses “I just want it to be something that’s meaningful”.

“How about you get her a firearm that has the best specs it can, plus a case of silver bullets, you know, the usual,” Charles explains “and throw in a copy of that book you wrote that includes detailed diagrams and physiologies of supernatural creatures and monsters”.

“Would Hannah like that?” Kirein questions, sitting down in an arm-chair across the room.

“She would, trust me, you could settle for just that book if you can’t afford the gun and she’d be just as happy” Charles grins.

“The impression I got from her at school is that she’s a hothead with the attitude of your average hunter,” Kirein claims “She doesn’t strike me as the kind of girl who really thinks before she does”.

“I can see why you think that and you are right,” says Charles “but everybody has their unique quirks and traits that make them special or smart”.

“Well, I guess I’ll find out when I spar with her before we leave” Kirein explains aspirated.

“You’re gonna spar with her?” Charles asks.

“Of course, I need to know whether she can hold her own against the supernatural” Kirein justifies himself. “I’ll be teaching her, but she still needs to be skilled enough at this time to back me up if needed”.

“Why don’t you do some research ahead of time so you know what cases you’re gonna take before you do them” Charles suggests.

“I have,” Kirein says “I have two jobs lined up right now”.

“The first is a powerful spirit that’s been haunting a library in Helena,” Kirein explains “should be a straight forward dig, salt and burn”. “The second will be a bit more delicate and complicated”.

“Complicated how?” Charles asks with suspicion.

“It’s in Bismarck,” Kirein’s nervous “Dad and the Mage’s Association kinda wants me to take out a church that’s been suspected of abducting children.

“That’s beyond delicate and complicated!” Charles yells, standing up, bumping his legs on the desk. “If they’ve been suspected of that, shouldn’t the Holy Church do something about the wacko faction and not you?”

“They usually would,” Kirein fights back “but if they did, the Holy Church Executors and the Association Hunters would just march into the place and kill everyone including the kids. Worst case scenario, they decimate Bismarck all together and kill everyone.

“Okay, okay I understand” Charles sighs. “So, what’s Hannah’s role going to be?”

“Haven’t thought about it yet,” Kirein says “Maybe evacuating the kids, I don’t know. I could probably try to keep her busy doing something else at the time so she doesn’t get involved at all”.

“What’s your plan then?,” Charles pries further.

“We’ll have to infiltrate the place first,” Kirein explains “Perhaps just assassinating the director will make everyone disband, worst case scenario I’ll have to eliminate everyone who has a position of power, maybe even destroy the building they occupy.

“Fine, don’t know even why I asked, I’m no good with tactics” Charles aspirates.

Kirein gets up and tells Charles that he is leaving and Charles accompanies him to the door.

“Before I go,” Kirein says, turning around “Is Clarence coming by to give Hannah a present also?”

“I believe so,” Charles replies “said he’s going to have dinner with us, you should join us too”.

“Thanks for asking but I have another birth to celebrate today,” Kirein scratches the back of his head. “I won’t be able to celebrate it tomorrow because I’ll be busy with my new student”

“You know someone who shares the same birthday as Hannah?” Charles inquires.

“I do,” Kirein replies. “By the way, do you know what kind of present Clarence is getting Hannah?”

“He said he’d be bringing her some special knife, mentioned something called ‘The Kurds”.

“Really?,” Kirein’s gaze moves to photo of a very young Hannah hanging on the wall “That’s a bit hostile”.


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