001 – Garden of Dreams (Part V)

001 – Garden of Dreams

Location – Spokane Valley, Washington

Date – Thursday the 8th of September, 2016

Part V – Early Afternoon


A very young girl sits at a table with an older man. Her hair is golden and has twin tails protruding from the back. Her bangs are thin yet long and reach past the bottom of her jaw, her straight fringe comes close to covering her forehead entirely. She sits on a white wooden stool, her feet nowhere near the ground, as she eats a slice of cheese cake. Her teal eyes seem glazed, yet she enthusiastically digs her teaspoon into the dessert and brings it to her lips. The smooth and gooey texture disperses in her mouth, the tangy taste sends the girl into ecstasy, despite her composed and bland expression.

“So…ah, Sino?” Kirein inquires. “What do you think?, could you take over for me as teacher for that P.E. lesson?”

Sino diverts her attention from the cake on her spoon to Kirein and gives a blank stare.

“Really? You’re a life saver, I have that female fang I need to track, looks like she slipped up and ended up sucking a man to death, so I should be able to take care of her today,” Kirein answers in glee “but could you talk to me properly without telepathy?”

“…” Sino responds

“No, your mouth isn’t just for eating sweets” Kirein sighs.

“…” Sino explains.

“Even though you had a mouthful of cheese cake and supposedly chose not to speak because it’s impolite to, you still responded with food in your mouth so it’s still impolite,” Kirein continues “As your master, and technically your father, I command you to speak using your vocal cords”.

Sino swallows the cake still left in her mouth.

“You’re still annoying when it comes to this” She claims in a tiny voice, wiping her mouth with a napkin from the table.

“Annoying!” Kirein’s boils slightly over the pot.

“Yeah, Annoying” Sino says stoically.

“I’m so sorry I enjoy proper conversation with my cute little familiar” Kirein says sarcastically, crossing his arms.

“Oh my, how scary, a grown man is thinking of a little defenseless girl with a mind of smut,” Sino continues eating her cake. “You know there’s a police station just twenty minutes away don’t you? And I can teleport”

“Could you say that a little louder I don’t think the little old couple in the back corner heard you,” Kirein puts both hands on the table. “Besides, you’re not even human, you’re closer to being a beast”

“That makes it even worse, perhaps I should get P.E.T.A. involved as well?” Sino retorts.

“Why are you being so mean to me today?” Kirein sheds a tear. “You’re acting like Pan”.

“Because a certain intolerable master claimed he couldn’t celebrate my birthday on my actual birthday, because a certain incapable master double booked and is making me end my non-birthday birthday celebration early to clean up his mess, because a certain insufferable master won’t even let me finish one slice of cake” Sino cites.

“That’s your fifth piece, I’ve been sitting here awkwardly for the past fifteen minutes letting you eat in silence, I didn’t even try to talk with you telepathically” Kirein claims, annoyed.

“Fine, I’m sorry my master,” Sino apologizes sarcastically. “So, is there anything you actually want to discuss?”

“That woman, do you think she’s the one we are after?” Kirein asks.

“There’s a high chance, she was definitely some kind of evil, nothing that should continue to exist,” Sino theorizes. “I think you were right to slip one of those coins into that young girl’s pocket”.

“Okay, well, if you’re sure then I guess there’s no doubt she’s our jugular junky,” Kirein lean back slightly. “If that’s it, I’m gonna head off now. You have a sometime before the lessons after lunch start, but you should get there and explain our situation before hand so there should be less of a hassle.”

“Is there something in particular you need me to do?” Sino asks.

“Hmm, have the class play Basketball and don’t take any back sass,” Kirein instructs. “Also, don’t shapeshift into me, just use your adult form”.

“Okay!” Sino calls out with a smile.

Kirein gets up and leaves through the open door way, the plastic strips glide over his shoulders and the top his head as he walks forward. They disperse and fall from him the further he continues. He walks over to his car with key in hand, gets in and heads back to the school. Once there, he parks on the side of the road at the front of the school rather than the car park.

Okay, let’s see. That woman supposedly leaves the school around the kid’s lunch time. That’s almost started so hopefully this won’t be a long wait. She gets here early in the morning and picks particular car-space that is always under shade, and when she leaves for lunch, she takes of her heels and sprints to her car. That’s what some of the boys that I helped in home room claimed… huh, right on the money.


A woman carrying her high-heels begins running out of the main exit towards her car, the sunlight reflecting off her glasses gives a slight glare and distorts her facial features. Moments after jumping into the car, the small, dull red Toyota begins to back out and drives onto the main road.

Okay, let’s give her a bit of a head start.


Kirein pulls an iPhone out of the cars glove box and unlocks the phone it using his code.

“Oh no, it seems I have dropped my smart phone into someone’s coat pocket earlier today,” Kirein cackles sarcastically to himself. “Let’s sign in to the find phone app and see where you’re going”.

Kirein starts the car and puts her into drive and starts heading off down the road. After about thirty minutes of driving, Kirein tracks his phone to the Fairmount cemetery. He finds the woman’s car parked on the side of the road.

Kirein gets out of the car and walks around to the trunk and opens it up. Right at the back are two large boxes filled with dazzling jewels. One box has been filled with fine, bright green emeralds, the other has what seems to be black diamonds. Kirein pulls the box closer to reach in a pick out an emerald. After about ten seconds of clenching the emerald in his hand, he relaxes his hand and the emerald had turned black. Kirein chucks the emerald into the box full of black jewels and opens the compartment under the trunk where usually a spare tire would be. Instead he finds his tools of the trade.

Handguns, shotguns, rifles, knives, stakes, holy water, holy oil, gasoline, you name it. All the weapons any kind of hunter could ever need is in there. Kirein grabs a hand full of some small T-shaped things. They look like tiny hilts and guards of a miniature sword. He hides them in his clothing and grabs a machete and is sheathe and hangs it over his shoulder before closing the trunk and heading into the woodland cemetery.

The cemetery looks serene and beautiful, so many trees and flowers, it reminds me of home.


While Kirein is deep in thought, he notices a woman in his peripheral, just standing there, staring at him. She’s dressed in thick clothes, even wearing gloves. As her turns to face her, two men appear from behind some trees to join her sides.

The woman snickers. “A hunter huh?, I had a feeling about you when you came into my office this morning at school”

“Count me impressed,” Kirein retorts. “I had believed you were just some innocent young school nurse who was turned to just to get a hold of some juice, but you were the ring leader all along?”

“That’s right, I attained ‘enlightenment’ well before you were born, boy” Kirsten claims.

“Really?, were you bitten by a true ancestor?, or maybe a dead apostle?,” Kirein sarcastically comments. “Because if you weren’t, I’m afraid you, and your little guppies won’t stand a chance”.

Kirsten scoffs at Kirein. “You don’t seem to understand, we lured you here. After you eliminated my brothers and sisters the other week, I was so distressed I broke my own rules and sucked a stranger dry. That was to lure you here so I could end you myself”.

“So…what are your friends for?, surely not for back up, a great leech with legs like you could make mincemeat out of me” Kirein provokes.

“Leech with legs huh?” Kirsten grits her teeth. “I’ll make you regret that boy!”

Kirsten leaps and swipes forward, her arm stretches to tear Kirein’s gut open with her retractable claws. Kirein steps swiftly backwards avoiding her strike and pulls out three of the bladeless hilts, clenching them between his fingers wolverine-style. In an instant, rapier-like blades extend from them. Kirsten strikes again, this time with her opposite hand but she doesn’t notice the rapier weapons, her arm moving too quickly to stop. Kirein relieves her of it. Her hand drops to the ground and Kirsten roars in pain as she backs away to safety. Her henchmen step forward, both at the same time and prepare for attack, but Kirein continues his assault, shoving one rapier each through the middle of their heads. Their bodies drop to the ground.

“Are you with the Holy church?!” Kirsten cries out.

“Not really, but I was trained as an executor,” Kirein looks down on her. “My father took an interest, not because of their fighting style, mainly for access to their weaponry that can help damage and temporarily immobilize vampires, demons, and the undead in general”.

“Black keys, those blasted magic throwing knives” Kirsten scorns.

“Right, they can barely kill you, but if you hit a vital place they can keep you frozen for enough time for transport, or to finish the job at your leisure” Kirein continues as he pushes his third blade through Kirsten’s undead heart, her back against the ground.

Kirsten cries out. “Ugh, why do you hunt us?! What did we ever do to you?!”

Kirein pulls his machete out of its sheath. “You started out pretty well, deceiving some poor saps into giving you their blood for donation, I didn’t care about that, you weren’t harming people, but, it went downhill when you couldn’t provide for you family. Kids tend to act out when the home environment isn’t the best it can be, they became rebellious and couldn’t wait for provisions anymore and started making cattle out of people, most of whom were young women fresh out of high school or new to college. Then you killing that man just to get me here was the icing on the cake”.

“But we need to feed to survive, just like you humans!” Kirsten yells.

“You pose a threat to the human race, of course they’re going to fight back,” Kirein argues. “Vampires can survive by drinking the blood of any living creature, not just humans. You should have given that a chance first before resorting to slaughtering people, besides, I’m not human in the first place so your justifications are irrelevant.

Kirein steps to the side of her body, her eyes fixed on him in a rage. Kirein forcefully brings down the machete on her neck, like a lumberjack cutting fire wood with an axe. Kirsten Gilbert is no more. The clouds part and the sun peeks through. The bodies of the vampire begin to burn, and Kirein’s begins casting a shadow. The two fledglings begin yelling in pain and squirming as they are pinned to the ground.

“Pan?,” Kirein asks. “Are you okay to come out now?”

I should be fine. It isn’t the best time of day but I’m not as fragile compared to those two. Just sit in the shade of the tree closest to the dead meat.


Kirein walks over to the closest tree as per Pan’s request. Once there, he makes sure that the shadow his body casts overlaps the large one cast by the tree. The shadow begins to lightly ripple like water and a young girl rises up out of ground as if she was being pushed a float. The small girl stretches her arms above her head, and yawns as she does so. She opens her mouth once again to let her fangs protrude from her gums, and retracts them as she presses her lips together. She has jet black hair and eyes that reflect the sun. She’s looks smaller than Sino.

“Calm and cold as always Master” Pan exudes.

“How can you tell?” Kirein responds.

“Binding spells don’t lie” Pan crosses her arms.

“Well anyway, are any of these one yours Pandora?” Kirein inquires. “I’ll feel terrible if I’ve weakened you even further”.

Pan looks over at the three grounded bodies. “I didn’t feel any pain or feel any weaker when you relieved that child of her hand, or her head, and I’m guessing that she turned those two who are flopping like fish on dry land. Piercing their brains didn’t hurt me either. So, they have no connection to me”.

“Considering how long you’ve been around I’m surprised that there is no connection between you and any of the Vampires I’ve come across” Kirein crosses his arms.

“It’s not too surprising,” Pan explains “I hardly turned anyone”.

“Right…, are you able to absorb them to make yourself more powerful anyway?” Kirein looks down at her.

“Should be,” Pan begins to absorb the vampire bodies. “I’ll get on it now”

“Good” Kirein smiles.

“Oh yeah, by the way. ‘Leech with Legs’? I’ll admit, I giggled a little” Pan smirks as she walks in front of Kirein, facing him.

“I learn from the best” Kirein smiles as he kneels down to Pandora’s level.

“Aww, you’re sweet. Let me pinch your cheeks” Pan pinches Kirein’s cheeks.

Pandora lets go, reaches too the sky and looks intensely at Kirein. Kirein sighs as he picks her up in his arms and begins walking towards the car.

“Okay, time for donuts and ice cream!” Pan yells enthusiastically.

“I don’t think so” Kirein rejects.

“I think so,” Pan looks displeased. “I didn’t get any cake earlier”.

“But that was for Sino’s birthday tomorrow” Kirein states.

“So?” Pan retorts.

Kirein sighs “Oh well, fair enough, I give. Let’s get some ice-cream.

“And donuts!” Pan smiles up at Kirein.


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